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Pathways to Mindfulness Teachers

Ronald Nikel

Meditation & Sacred Plant Medicine Facilitator 

Ron has been a student of meditation since 2012. He is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher from MMTCP, a teacher training program by Jack Cornfield and Tara Brach. He is also trained as a plant medicine facilitator using various plant based medicines to help others heal from PTSD, trauma and other mental health disorders. He and Paul Jarreau co-own Shiva Shambho Retreats in Nosara Costa Rica

US & WhatsApp : +1-415-306-2405

Costa Rica : +506 8673-8478

Paul Jarreau

Sound Healing Practitioner 

Paul received his certification in sound healing from the Global Institute on Sound and Consciousness in San Francico, CA. He currently owns a sound therapy practice called the Energy Body Wellness Center in Nosara Costa Rica and is co-owner of Shiva Shambho Retreats. Paul uses his own unique style of sound work to help others connect and fine-tune their energy body. For more information about Paul visit his website at: 

US: 1-415-852-8033

Costa Rica & WhatsApp: 506-8511-6266


Ashley Ludman

Breathwork Facilitator

Ashley Ludman teaches her unique method of breathwork that is rooted in tantric philosophy combined with Yogic and modern breathwork. Her breathwork journeys empower breathers to find potency in all possibilities of life expressions (both the shadow and light of the spectrum) to attune, accept and discover empowered choice in the next breath. She adapts and curates each experience, weaving conscious storytelling with expert guidance in movement inquiry, energy medicine and bodywork to guide breathers in unlocking the wisdom within their higher self.

To learn more about Ashley visit her website at :

Yali McGregor

Yoga Teacher & Sacred Medicine Facilitator

Yali brings over 20 years of yoga teaching practice. Her offerings are built upon a foundation of Ashtanga Vinyasa, complimented by inquiry-based moving meditations that seamlessly merge tradition with a measured application of contemporary influence and form. For more information about Yali visit her website at:

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-28 at 7.25.15 AM.jpeg

Jane Fryer

Yoga Teacher & Yoga Nidra Instructor

A faculty member of the Nosara Yoga Institute, living in Nosara, Costa Rica; intuitive astrologer and sound healer; Jane Fryer, E-RYT 1000 has been teaching yoga for over 35 years. She is multi certified, experienced in many yoga traditions, and honors all her mentors, especially Mother Nature. For more information about Jane visit her website at: 

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