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Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

"When we work with our allies, the plants, we partner with the divine intelligence of Mother Earth.  We are willing to surrender to a process of healing and expanded conscious awareness to

re-awaken to the truth of our Divine Beauty and Wholeness." - Ron Nikel

The Medicine

During two nights of the retreat, we will work with a range of plants that fall into three categories, heart, body and spirit. The heart medicines are derived from flowers and trees that originate from Asia, Africa and North America. The body plants are flower medicines from plants largely found also in Asia. Spirit plants come from fungi found in North and South America.

Heart Plants

- Kanna

- White Lilly

- Blue Lotus

- Acacia

- Sassafras

Spirit Plants

- Psilocybin Mushrooms

Body Plants

- Dendrobium Orchid


Each person working within this blended tradition has an opportunity to work with a range of plants that work on reconnecting the individual with the energy of the heart, the body and spirit.  Each person will meet with the facilitator to determine the plant or combination of plants they will take during ceremony that will meet each individuals needs and intentions. 

The Ceremony

The ceremony is conducted in a safe container with Ron Nikel as the facilitator and two trained assistants to hold space and support the group of individuals working with the plants.  Each individual experience is an inward experience with the eyes covered to encourage each person to go inward and follow the wisdom of the plant.  Each person is encouraged to stay down and work with all emotions and experiences that arise during the ceremony. This is facilitated by encouraging each individual to use mindfulness techniques to be aware and curious and to turn toward or surrender to what arises during the entire journey experience. 


Throughout the evening a combination of sound healing from the (Energy Body Wellness Center) and sacred ceremony music will be used to assist the journeyer navigate the plant medicine experiences.  

After the ceremony ends each person will spend the rest of the evening sleeping at the ceremony location and will wake up to a refreshing breakfast.   After breakfast an integration circle is used to help the individual and group start the process of integrating the experience in a supportive and safe space.


The Facilitator - Ron Nikel

I came to the the practice of working with sacred plants as medicine in my own journey of healing from PTSD and expanding conscious awareness.  My transformation and healing came from my mindfulness practice in concert with the support of sacred plant medicines.   Bringing these two practices together I saw immediate improvement in my daily life and rapid recovery from my traumatic past, while simultaneously coming into contact with the beauty of my divine being and seeing with more clarity the world around me.


My eagerness to learn about this path lead me to work and study with a teacher in North America.   Their teaching and practice for the past 30 years is rooted in the traditions of the Vedic and South American Traditions of holding ceremony space.  I combine both these traditions along with my western mindfulness teacher training practice in the ceremony space I provide. I find this helps to maximize the opportunity for positive transformational healing and expanded consciousness for all those who participate in journey space.

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