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Heart and Spirit Plant Offerings

"When we work with our allies, the plants, we partner with the Divine intelligence of Mother Earth.  We are willing to surrender to a process of healing and expanded conscious awareness to re-awaken to the truth of our Divine Beauty and Wholeness." - Ron Nikel

Kanna - Heart


Blue Lotus - Heart


Sassafras - Heart


Psilocybin- Spirit

Passion Flower - Heart


Acacia - Heart


White Lily - Heart


Red Lily - Heart


The Sacred Plants

During ceremony, we work with plants that fall into two categories, HEART and SPIRIT (entheogen and psychedelic plants)


The HEART medicines are derived from flowers and trees that originate from Africa, North America, South America and Asia that opens the connection to our heart center and gives us more access to love and compassion for ourselves and others, thus offering the potential for deep inner healing and transformation. These magical plants include:

  • Kanna: a succulent found in South Africa

  • Blue Lotus: a water flower from Egypt

  • Passion Flower: a flower from Southeastern USA, Central & South America

  • White Lily: A South American water lily 

  • Red Lily: A water lily from Bangladesh and India 

  • Sassafras: a North American tree used as an activator 

  • Acacia: a North American tree used as an activator 

The SPIRIT or psychedelic plants come from fungi found in Asia, North and South America and can help to facilitate connection within the spirit realm and to transverse into deeper levels of consciousness. During a ceremony, we will work with various types of psilocybin mushrooms. 

The Ceremony Experience 


The ceremony will be conducted in a safe, private location with Ron Nikel and Paul Jarreau as the facilitators. When needed, support facilitators will also be present to hold space. Each individual participant will be encouraged to take an inward journey while laying down with the eyes covered  trusting the wisdom of the medicine as they surrender to all that arises in the mind, body, spirit and heart space. 


Sacred ceremony music will be played along with periodic sound journey experiences lead by Paul Jarreau with the Energy Body Wellness. The music and sound journey will be used to assist the medicine journeyer navigate the plant medicine experiences.


All ceremonies end with a meal and a closing integration circle. 

Daytime ceremonies generally starts at 8am and will end around 7pm. It is suggested that participants give themselves the entire following day to ground and nurture themselves.


Ron Nikel, Facilitator


Paul Jarreau, Support Facilitator

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